The aim of the course is to provide academics, policy practitioners and other interested users with an introduction to the concepts, structure and functioning of EUROMOD. EUROMOD is a state-of-the art tax-benefit microsimulation model linking micro-data from household surveys and policy legislation in a single user interface. 

Tax-benefit microsimulation models are used to answer “what if” questions about the effects of tax and benefit reforms on household incomes and the income distribution. Such analysis is regularly performed for Budget and other Government policy announcements and is also highly relevant for the design of alternative reforms and new policy instruments.

There are a number of UK tax-benefit models that are regularly maintained and updated but they are usually private, expensive to develop and require specialised skills to use them effectively.

The exception is the UK component of the EU model, EUROMOD.

This course will help you understand:

  • how to access and download UKMOD models, software and data
  • How to run UKMOD and do basic descriptive analysis
  • Advance topics in UKMOD modelling
(Image cover credits: Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels)